In Remembrance: My Grandpa Bud

Yesterday morning I woke up on my own accord, the sun shining into my room here in San Francisco and a smell of spring in the air. When it’s warm here, it always feels like spring to me. I checked my phone, and I saw my younger sister had called me among the smattering of social network updates that hit my phone overnight. She also texted me: “Call me ASAP”. I call her.

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Park it yourself, Metallica breath

For further reading on this subject, I highly suggest you read this post.

Long ago, I said one of the most ridiculous lines in the history of teen comedy movies. (The line was the title of this article).

Funny enough, I’ve always been shy about it. I’ve never talked or written about it until right now. I always glossed over it, half pretending it never happened, always aiming to position myself as something more highbrow than that.

Wow. I didn’t expect to find an actor so self-aware of their mediocre film career in the mid-90’s but there it is, in full self actualized glory.

New poster art for some of your favorite movies

Olaf Cuadras Ferré creates his own versions of movie posters in a signature style that I enjoy quite much. With new versions of movie posters from The Big Lebowski, Die Hard, The Royal Tenenbaums, Zoolander and Terminator 2, it’s as if I’m seeing the art collection perfectly matched to my personal movie collection. There’s even a poster for The Warriors.

Check out his Tumblr here.

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Me and my friends totally do this already as a joke… #Hashtag

I thought me and my friends were a bit unique in our nerdy, comical tastes, but Jimmy Fallon took to the airwaves two nights ago to pull off a joke right up our alley and straight from our own circle of funny.

What would it sound like for two people to have a conversation in real life like they would on Twitter?

#ThisPostSucks #AmIRight?

Happy Birthday, Justin

It’s my birthday today and I feel special. It’s amazing the little neurons that fire in your brain once all your social networks start exploding with good cheer aimed solely at you. Well, and other people, too, but mostly at you me. I wish I could bottle this up into an app and just make someone have an “instant birthday” on their social networks if they’re having a bad day. Like, rally people around them…

“U mad, bro?”

“No, everyone just told me I’m cool online via this new app.”

Unexpected Surprises: Seeing Erykah Badu join Bonobo on stage for two songs last Friday night

I caught a beautiful show this past Friday night…

Bonobo totally delivered the experience you’d want to see from him, and this tour better continue sometime in the Fall so I can go catch it again once everything from the new album has proper permeated my listening habits this summer. The tour rolls into Solano Beach tonight and continues on to Austin and New Orleans, so go grab one of the tickets out front if you find someone with an extra. This tour is not to be missed.