I love this video: Feist – “1234”

I was reminded today that Feist just released a new album so there’ll be a ton of coverage around this enchanting vixen of an indie rock superstar in the upcoming months as she tours, plays Letterman (tonight) and the whatnot…

I was then reminded of how much I really love the song (and especially the video) for her big breakthrough hit, “1234.” This song, when played at the right volume, becomes something that can move me close to those tears…those feel-really-good kind when you see/hear/feel something beautiful.

Maybe it’s the fact that the mix on the video includes the sound in the room when they shot the routine, which carries the claps and occasional exclamations by the dancers in the video when they’re hitting their stride, but it just gives me the chills every time I see it. What fun.

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