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Welcome to Justin Ward.org, the personal blog and showcase for all things Justin Ward.

Who is Justin Ward?

Born in the far-west Chicago suburbs in the early morning of July 12th, 1981, Justin Ward is a human being that lives on the planet Earth and currently resides in San Francisco, California. He has many things that he considers to define his ethos and approach towards life, and he plans to share all of these things on this site.

He is the founder and managing editor for LIVE MUSIC BLOG.com, a site started years ago that continues to be at the forefront of music blogs dedicated to live music, concerts, and festivals. He also plays in NVO and creates music under the name DUDHA.US. While Justin lives a lot of his life like an open book, DUDHA.US remains a mysterious figure in the Bay Area music scene. He regularly spends time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when he’s got some time to kill at his computer.