Otherwise known as: my favorite scene from Robin Hood: Men in Tights

I always loved this scene. No matter how hard me or my younger brother would try, we could never exactly quote it. I must have watched this movie 100 times as a kid.


I thought me and my friends were a bit unique in our nerdy, comical tastes, but Jimmy Fallon took to the airwaves two nights ago to pull off a joke right up our alley and straight from our own circle of funny.

What would it sound like for two people to have a conversation in real life like they would on Twitter?

#ThisPostSucks #AmIRight?


I know I said it before, but this time I really mean it — I’m going to Burning Man this year. In about an hour or so, I’ll be shutting down the computer and putting my lids on my plastic bins and hopping in the car with my band NVO to play a barrage of shows up at the festival. Friends have called our schedule “crazy,” “ambitious,” and “smart.” Some combination of those words represents the actual truth of the matter, and no matter how openheartedly I can look ahead to my journey to Gerlach, I’m a bit scared of the road that lies ahead.

With a heavy heart and a deep sadness that I hope to leave behind me, I really want to thank my friends for helping me get this far and finally get the courage together to go to the Playa for the first time. People that know me keep pointing towards some unspoken truth that my life needs a change, and while none of them have said it exactly, everyone that I’d call “important” in my life in the past two years — my lovers, roommates, blog mates, band mates, co-workers — all seem to give me the puppy-dog-oh-you-poor-kid look every once in a while opposite the requisite suck-it-up-you-little-bitch look and it’s becoming hard for me to miss either. I’m over it. Time for a change.

And so my first Burning Man awaits. Maybe learning to survive out there will finally help me survive the real world a bit better.

See you on the other side…


I’m always a fan of someone sticking up for themselves when they’re being ridiculed, and Russell Brand takes these Morning Joe hosts for a spin through a confrontational mindset that few people ever feel comfortable operating in. Look at how flustered they become.

Bravo, Mr. Brand.


Last night a small crew of us gathered before our buddies in One Way Station were set to play the Boom Boom Room, and that small gathering got right to the Reggie Watts show at the Mezzanine as the wryly comedian hit the stage to do about an hour of musical comedy theater. It was incredible.

For those not in the know, and I wasn’t, Reggie Watts has done opening stints with Conan O’Brien, played Madison Square Garden with LCD Soundsystem, and has been making a name for himself huge in the comedy world. Do not pass up a chance to search YouTube a few times and discover this guy yourself.

Here’s a clip of a show he did last week in Denmark:

Next level shit.


Ah, Super Bowl week. This is usually that week that annoyed me culturally until I joined the advertising business, and given the attention it brings to the industry and how I’ve been surrounded by that the past few years, I actually quite enjoy the annual lead up to the frenzied media blitz that will happen on Sunday night and next Monday morning. This week some of the commercials are already leaking ahead of the big-dollar money shots that you’ll see during the big game on Sunday night.

Today the official Honda YouTube channel posted the commercial that everyone will at least mention once at the water cooler next Monday — “Hey, did you see that Ferris Bueller ad…” — and it’s definitely charming.


After a few years of living in the Bay Area, I think I can officially declare that the good vibes have rubbed off on me — I’m going to be at Burning Man 2012. My friends have been telling me to get on this for a while and I just haven’t been committed to the idea at all until last year’s festivities were upon us, and now with plenty of time to plan and a crew of us already signed up for the ticket lottery, it was time for me to nut up and go all-in on this party in the desert. Can’t wait.


Took this one last Friday on a nice bike ride out to Ocean Beach…


On Thursday night I'll be attending the Night of the Shorts III: The Search for Schlock opening party for this year's SF Sketchfest. ...