Unexpected Surprises: Seeing Erykah Badu join Bonobo on stage for two songs last Friday night

I caught a beautiful show this past Friday night…

Bonobo totally delivered the experience you’d want to see from him, and this tour better continue sometime in the Fall so I can go catch it again once everything from the new album has proper permeated my listening habits this summer. The tour rolls into Solano Beach tonight and continues on to Austin and New Orleans, so go grab one of the tickets out front if you find someone with an extra. This tour is not to be missed.

Don’t settle with success


Despite adoration from both crowds and critics, Carrie Brownstein resists the urge to get too comfortable with her success, and instead hopes to build upon it. “The notion that you’ve arrived, I think, is–first of all, it’s probably false–but it’s also a bad place to make any kind of art,” she says. “To have a sense of yourself as an impostor or an outsider kind of pushes you to not settle for something.”

Great feature article for any Portlandia or Carrie Brownstein fans…

Reading list: Dear Coke Talk

Just added this new-to-me blog Dear Coke Talk to my Google Reader…check it out.

Here’s just one of the pearls of wisdom amongst a ton of sarcastic blog wit…

I’m tired of defeating myself. I just want to give in and take a pill and hope that colors become a little brighter. But I don’t want to lose a part of myself in the process. Do you think that anti-whatever pills are OK?

Psychopharmaceuticals aren’t magic beans. They won’t make the world a better place, nor will they steal your soul. They just modify your brain chemistry a bit, the result of which many find to be a benefit. If the pills work for you, great. If not, no big deal, and it doesn’t matter whether anyone else thinks they’re OK. It only matters what you think.

Good stuff.

5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits…the East Coast?!

The New York Times just sent a news update to my inbox with the following headline: Earthquake Strikes East Coast; Epicenter Near Richmond, Va., U.S. Geological Survey Says. Weird, right?

Scary is more like it, I’m sure. I hope everyone is safe and sound; I’m sure it was pretty weird to experience and the first of such for millions of people never subjected to the occasional tremor like we are out here in the Bay Area.

That said, I’ve still only felt one minor jolt in my life and it was definitely enough to scare me. The force of an entire building moving with you is not something you ever want to experience or remember.

A preview of the upcoming Phish tour

My buddy @Phortin just did an awesome post for LMB about the upcoming Phish tour starting this Friday at The Gorge Amphitheatre up in George, WA. I’ve been there before and it’s a truly amazing place. And I just learned that I’ll be shooting photos the first night for LMB and hope to get some coverage of the lots and others things the following day. I really can’t wait. Expect a ton more updates from me on the road.

Fascinating: Gargling sugar water > drinking Gatorade

This article on Wired has me thinking I won’t be drinking any sugary beverages before, during or after a run in the near future. Instead, I’ll be gargling with juice or something…

How could merely rinsing the mouth with Gatorade make us perform better? After all, we’ve been trained by decades of sports drink commercials to assume that we actually need to swallow the stuff, that the benefits depend on getting those precious electrolytes into our bloodstream. But the commercials are lying: a series of follow-up experiments demonstrated that the cyclists actually performed better when they just gargled with the sugary drink. (Apparently, having several ounces of liquid sloshing around the belly isn’t ideal for intense physical activities.) Tasting energy was more important than ingesting energy.

Totally interesting to consider.