NVO likes spaceships.

Here’s what the view is like in our new practice space when it’s empty. We’re really happy with Secret Studios in SF and we’ll probably stay a customer of theirs for a long time…

New jam in our new practice space

Oh hi. I’ve been busy, blog. What have I been busy with, you ask? Well, NVO. We just moved to a new practice space and I’m thinking there’s already a new energy in that space that is going to push the band in some exciting directions…

Check out this clip…

More blahgs to come!

Scoutmob tells people that NVO is “also worth checking out” this week

Scoutmob.com put up a nice link today to promote our band’s Wednesday residency at Madrone Art Bar, easily one of my favorite spots in the NOPA/Haight area and I dig that we are going to have a full month to prove to audiences just how radical we really are.


Every Wednesday in October, 9 p.m. to 1 p.m.
It’s called Hump Day for a reason, and this is the pull you need to get you over the hill. Local band Neurovoltaic Orchestra is taking over Madrone Art Bar this month with a different instrument making its way in to the spotlight every week. Still up is: turntables – 12th, guitars – 19th and computers/MIDI controllers – 26th. No cover all night!
The Neurovoltaic Orchestra

If you’re in San Francisco and feel like going out on Wednesday, head down to Madrone and check us out.


Me and my bandmate Greg brought NVO to the Boom Boom Room last Thursday night and opened up for our good friends One Way Station. I got some Flip cam footage that I’m definitely psyched to share…

We’re my favorite band, by the way.

NVO debut is now on Bandcamp

I’m sure I’ve promoted it here and there but I wanted to officially drop a link to my band’s debut album now up on Bandcamp. We’ve set it up so that you can name-your-price download the album to make it easy on people’s pocketbooks to give our band a taste. We’re looking to play more shows here in SF and the larger Bay Area and it helps if you spread the word about us. Got a friend in music management? Know a booker? Put him in touch, ya dig?!

Hey look, we made a music video!

I’m really excited to finally be able to announce that NVO finished our first music video for “Robotic,” one of the tracks from the first release from the band Machine Nature. If you haven’t picked up the album, holler at me so I can get you a copy. We’re working on getting our name out there more and it helps if you spread the word and get people viewing our video and sharing it on the Facebooks and Twitters. Yeah.