One of my favorite movie quotes ever...

For further reading on this subject, I highly suggest you read this post.

Long ago, I said one of the most ridiculous lines in the history of teen comedy movies. (The line was the title of this article).

Funny enough, I’ve always been shy about it. I’ve never talked or written about it until right now. I always glossed over it, half pretending it never happened, always aiming to position myself as something more highbrow than that.

Wow. I didn’t expect to find an actor so self-aware of their mediocre film career in the mid-90′s but there it is, in full self actualized glory.


Otherwise known as: my favorite scene from Robin Hood: Men in Tights

I always loved this scene. No matter how hard me or my younger brother would try, we could never exactly quote it. I must have watched this movie 100 times as a kid.


I thought me and my friends were a bit unique in our nerdy, comical tastes, but Jimmy Fallon took to the airwaves two nights ago to pull off a joke right up our alley and straight from our own circle of funny.

What would it sound like for two people to have a conversation in real life like they would on Twitter?

#ThisPostSucks #AmIRight?


Just learned that the Lower Haight Art Walk is happening this Friday, April 1st. I'll likely be there. From Haighteration... We’ve got more...