Merry Christmas from Skrillex and the Barr Brothers

Two of my new favorite artists put together musical (or video) tributes to Christmas this year, and I’m pleased that someone I find both of these enjoyable for dramatically different reasons.

First, let’s start with the good. The Barr Brothers have brought a new level of musical appreciation into my heart lately; they’re the kind of new band that you know will be good because of their past musical projects, and yet they consistently blow me away with how good they are progressing forward writing new music again and again. They recently recorded a bluesy number called “Dear Mrs. Claus” that was recorded for the Canadian prime-time talk show, and it came out so pitch perfect that it’s part of a Christmas card I sent to someone special…

This next video, though, is not something I’d send to a special person in my life unless I wanted to give them some nightmares. My band mate sent me this video because we chat quite a bit at how Skrillex is basically punishing popular music these days. Like it or not, but you can’t deny that his pop sensibilities for aggressive music is not the new version of Limp Bizkit or Korn or whatever else is being sold to young teen males that gives them something to focus their energy on.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy your holidays.

Google+ is all, “Yo” and Blogger is all “Whatup, bro”

Didn’t take a genius to see this one coming…

Up-and-coming social network Google+ will soon be integrated with Google’s blogging platform, Blogger, according to a message now appearing in the “Edit User Profile” section of Blogger’s Settings.

The message reads “Connect Blogger to Google+ : Use your Google profile and get access to upcoming Google+ features on Blogger,” and includes links to “Learn more” and ”Get Started.” Unfortunately, the links are dead-ends right now, so we don’t yet know what type of integration is being planned.

The “Learn More” link is currently dumping to this “page not found” message in Blogger’s Help Center, while the “Get Started” link simply redirects logged-in users to their Blogger Dashboard.

Blogger has always been the obvious “social” play for Google that just never got disrupted in the wrong way. Until recently, it could probably be argued that Blogger was Google’s most successful public-facing acquisition, a product that’s continue to grow and get nurtured slowly into a huge platform publishing a large share of the blogs out there today. I may have to setup another Blogger blog for my “Google” life to see how the two products mingle together.