My buddy Aaron just forwarded me the message board fodder of the week with these hilarious clips from the Phish show at Hollywood Bowl earlier this month. Apparently this girl took some love medicine or something…

Apparently this has already made the rounds and it’s pretty clear it was not an isolated incident that night given how many YouTube clips were recorded. Let that be a lesson for all you young lot girls out there…

If you take the wrong drugs, you may turn into a compulsive hand-jobber to random strangers in Hollywood. At a Phish show.

Hilarious. And then that reminded me of some of my favorite moments of dialogue from Rushmore

Happy Friday, everyone.


I just got done driving a six hour trip from George, WA down to Bend, OR. I’m staying here with a few friends while we bide our time heading down to see more Phish at Lake Tahoe. Here’s some photos from my phone.









I’ve got some work coming up this Friday night that means I’ve got to get up to Seattle on Thursday. I’ll have some updates from the road coming soon. A lot of them in the next week or so will look something like this…


As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I got to spend a fair portion of my Phish Summer Tour with my two good friends, Pete and Patrick. This just kind of sums up how I feel right now overall. Happiness is only real when you can share it, and the three of us were giddy on Phish this year. Just look at their recent setlists, too. I think the band is feeding off our energy again…

Justin and Chris

Justin and Chris

Pete, Justin and Red Rocks

Pete, Justin and Red Rocks

My friend Patrick put up his photos from our four-night run with Phish out at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. See day one here, day two here, day three here, and day four here (where that photo above was taken). We had an incredible time, and I want to make sure I put up my photos sometime this week. I got to see 10 shows this summer so I have plenty of highlights.


Just learned that the Lower Haight Art Walk is happening this Friday, April 1st. I'll likely be there. From Haighteration... We’ve got more...