San Francisco


Last night a small crew of us gathered before our buddies in One Way Station were set to play the Boom Boom Room, and that small gathering got right to the Reggie Watts show at the Mezzanine as the wryly comedian hit the stage to do about an hour of musical comedy theater. It was incredible.

For those not in the know, and I wasn’t, Reggie Watts has done opening stints with Conan O’Brien, played Madison Square Garden with LCD Soundsystem, and has been making a name for himself huge in the comedy world. Do not pass up a chance to search YouTube a few times and discover this guy yourself.

Here’s a clip of a show he did last week in Denmark:

Next level shit.


On Thursday night I’ll be attending the Night of the Shorts III: The Search for Schlock opening party for this year’s SF Sketchfest. I’m bummed because it now looks like John Hodgman is out on this party, but the rest of the lineup is sure to be funny and a trip to Castro Theatre is always a fun time.

RiffTrax Presents

Night of the Shorts III: The Search for Schlock

with Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett
and guest riffers David Cross, Bruce McCulloch, Eugene Mirman, Paul F. Tompkins, Cole Stratton, Janet Varney
Due to a TV conflict, John Hodgman will not be appearing in RiffTrax as previously announced, but will still be performing in all his other shows from Jan 20-22. We’re very pleased to announce that Eugene Mirman will be stepping in to take his place in the RiffTrax show.

Here’s the trailer for the full festival:


Took this one last Friday on a nice bike ride out to Ocean Beach…


I took this photo while riding my bike for about 18 miles or so on Christmas Day. I still can’t get over the fact that I live in California.


Just learned that the Lower Haight Art Walk is happening this Friday, April 1st. I'll likely be there. From Haighteration... We’ve got more...