social media


I just logged into Facebook and got this in the upper right-hand corner…

When social networks really have the right data, they can really start drawing some complex assumptions about political beliefs, taste in music, and even whether or not people become addicted to the digital crack that they allow to spew forth through their network. Pretty soon Facebook will become self aware…

Sorry for the lack of posting here (to the few that still read). I guess I haven’t had too much to say lately, which can be the case when I get a little stuck in my head and not totally sure about what sort of posts I can muster together without coming across seriously negative, judgmental or downright immature in my emotional response to something that would cause me to want to write a blog post about it. I need to get off being so motivationally driven to fix injustice and right the wrongs and continue to focus on the nice side of life. Things are better over there anyway.


Just learned that the Lower Haight Art Walk is happening this Friday, April 1st. I'll likely be there. From Haighteration... We’ve got more...